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Friday, June 23, 2017
9:00 AM
2016 OSAA State Choir Championships
11:00 AM
Democracy Now
12:00 PM
McMinnville City Council Meeting 6/13/17
2:32 PM
Classic Arts Showcase
5:00 PM
2017 UFO Festival Parade
5:40 PM
5:50 PM
Invasion of Hotel Oregon! Silent Edition
6:00 PM
The Salem Painter: Episode 3
7:00 PM
The Writing Life: Lee Mosley
7:30 PM
Speaking Frankly: Angela Jane Howard
8:00 PM
News & Views: Dangers of Senate Bill 949
8:30 PM
Local Matters with Ken Moore: Molly Lord-Garrettson
9:02 PM
MCM Movie Madness: Sita Sings the Blues
10:30 PM
Scale Aircraft No.179
11:30 PM
Game Time with Rumblechops: Episode 6
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Select videos, including McMinnville City Council meetings, parades and community events are available for on-line viewing through the MCM-TV YouTube channel.

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MCM-TV is looking for all types of shows, sports, community events and local happenings. As a citizen of McMinnville you can bring in a show you have created on flash drive or disk, fill out a program contract and have it broadcast on MCM-TV Comcast channel 11 and Frontier 29. We also have equipment and training to use our cameras and editing stations to create your own.

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Producer Profile: Theresa Huggins

Winner of the People’s Choice Award at the 2016 UFO Film Festival for her short film Invasion of Hotel Oregon, Theresa Huggins has been creating community television even before she arrived in McMinnville.  While living in Portland, she produced cable access shows in the early 2000s, covering topics such as environmental activism.
Theresa began producing at McMinnville Community Media with her how-to program I Did It!. She enjoyed the energy of the show and putting her camera and editing skills to work, and has been creating with MCM ever since.  In her work, she has collaborated with fellow MCM producers Caroline O’Brien and Roman Martinez, and has aired various shows on MCM-TV. 
Teresa is currently hard at work on projects she is passionate about, including the sequel to the aforementioned Invasion, Mac Attack (in which the invasion will spread through the downtown area), and a documentary on marijuana growth.  She enjoys creating and learning about the film medium, and has extended that passion as she attends film classes at Portland Community College.
To anyone considering creating their own community television at MCM, Theresa encourages to just “go and do it, because it always turns out better than you think.   If you have passion for it, just let it happen.” She suggests preparation as well: “Have a plan, so you’re not trying to fix stuff in editing, but most importantly, have fun!”


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